Thursday, 18 October 2012

Wine & Sausage, Taunton / Somerset

Who are they?

The Wine & Sausage is, as the name might suggest, a specialist wine and sausage-themed restaurant attached to the Corner House Hotel in Taunton, Somerset. It's a well-kept and traditional brick and stone building, with lots of old butcher-shop memorabilia on the walls, and they proudly stock a number of locally sourced pork sausages and have an extensive wine list. As they are dependant on seasonally available ingredients, their menu does change fairly regularly and at the time of writing their website menu carries no mention of the meal I had.


It's probably a strange thing to order a burger at a restaurant famous for its variety in pork sausages, but as they boasted a burger cooked from the same pork meat, I was very much looking forward to seeing if the meat was up to the task. I ate with a colleague on a Monday night when I happened to be working in Taunton at an event just down the road and even though we walked in at 7, we found the place already quite busy with hotel guests and locals (always a good sign).

The burger itself was served on a lovely wooden platter as you see above, with maybe a dozen very thick cut home made chips. The burger, a well-cooked patty, came with plenty of extras including smoked bacon, chedder, sliced tomato and pickle and a large piece of salad lettuce on a very toasted bun.

Given that this is pork, rather than a traditional beef burger, it definitely reminded me of a sausage when eating it but I got the feeling that the subtlety of the taste was lost when added to the cheese and bacon. The chips were crispy on the outside and fluffy in the inside and made for a nice, homely accompaniment.


A good effort and nice for a change, but
I definately feel that sausages are more their thing!



Where can I find them?

Two restaurants in the West Country; Taunton and Cheltenham