About this blog

Welcome to Thoroughly Nice Burgers, an attempt by one amateur food blogger with an over appreciation for burgers to try and catalogue some places to get a decent bite to eat, if you feel so inclined. Initially this started out as a few photos on Facebook and Google Plus, but steadily improved to the point where I should have separated it into a separate blog.

There are only a few rules involved to stop this from spiralling out of control, these are:

  • I can only blog about places that I have personally been to. If I haven't partaken of a burger at a particular establishment, you won't find it here. Same goes for any of my guest burger reviewers!
  • At least one decent photo is required before getting stuck in, for obvious reasons.
  • The reviewing system is completely arbitrary and totally subjective. Deal with it
As for content, don't expect millions of updates; I like burgers as much as any foodie, but not all the time! Variety is the spice of life, after all.

If you have any suggestions for places to acquire a lovely burger, preferably in the London area, then please do let me know by writing in the comments, or why not check out the Hit List on where to go next.

Guest reviews

Want to contribute a review to the blog? Get in touch with me on Google Plus and we can work something out.

Notable contributors:

Mr H. Hazeel

A stalwart member of the TNB posse and with camera phone in hand, Mr Hazeel makes finding and eating burgers an enjoyable, light-hearted experience. Despite being on a diet, he rarely complains at having to endure our standard fare and often goes above and beyond to ensure that he can eat a burger free of guilt that he is putting on weight. 

A dependable companion in the world of burgers.

Mr M

Our South American correspondent, who finds himself in London on extended hiatus from the motherland of Brazil and whose travels allow him to draw interesting comparisons with burgers eaten across the globe. 

Men want to be him, women want to be with him: it's always a pleasure when he is allowed out.

Mr Jones

A firm friend and victim of a recent relocation to Bristol, Mr Jones has become our roving reporter for all things burger lying west of this sceptered isle.