Wednesday, 31 August 2016

The Sun / Carshalton

Who are they?

The Sun (formerly the Rising Sun) is a prominent gastropub located close to Carshalton park in leafy Surrey. I happened to take my parents out to lunch when I was off work and decided the try the pub to celebrate my dad's birthday. 


As we visited during the midweek, there was no trouble with finding a seat for the three of us in a bright corner of this pub. Formerly a rather average pub, this venue has had a much needed overhaul in recent years and now resembles a cosy bar with a restaurant area and even a beer garden and decking out the back.

The Sun's lunch menu features a variety of eats, including its burger: a 6oz beef patty with lettuce, tomato, chips and a bun that can be augmented with bacon OR pulled pork and cheese, however the charismatic diner can convince the lovely ladies tending bar to add bacon AND pulled pork. This is served not on a plate or wooden tray, as is the norm, but on a curved glass plate as shown and looks rather striking.

Wangling the bacon and the pulled pork is a good shout; both are rather juicy and flavourful, but the pulled pork's presentation belies its origins as frozen food, as mine came cooked in a distinctly disc shape placed on top of the bacon. I'm not expecting the best here, but what you do get is tasty and there's lots to enjoy on your plate. Speaking of size, the chips are clearly your average oven chips but they are at least well cooked to leave them fluffy on the inside.


A solid and plentiful burger with nice chunky chips - it's nothing special but decent value and in a lovely part of the world.



Where can I find them?
Located close to Carshalton train station