Friday, 14 December 2012

Prezzo / Bridgwater

Who are they?

Prezzo are a chain of Italian-style restaurants, whose menu favours a number of different pizzas and pasta dishes, and is designed to compete with Pizza Express and the like. In keeping with other London restaurants, Prezzo also offer a selection of grilled plates and an "Italian-style" burger, made with traditional ingredients of Italian cuisine to add a new spin to the burger.

As I was in need of a burger when travelling to darkest Somerset last weekend, this was a chance to check out Prezzo's non-pizza offerings and see if their burgers were as good as their pizza. After all, each Prezzo should be as good as each other.


Prezzo's offering is described as a prime beef burger, topped with prosciutto and emmental together with a garlic mayonnaise and served in a polenta-crusted bun. It certainly looks inspiringly large when laid out in front of you on a dark wood serving board, accompanied by a generous helping of chips, however the illusion is crushed when you realise that it is the salad and bun that accounts for over the majority of the burger.

That said, the burger itself is at least a decent step in the right direction in terms of taste - nothing particularly special in comparison to other offering, mind. However, when connected with the light cheese and light-flavoured meat, the burger makes for quite a refreshing change from the American style ones found everywhere else, whilst the salad and slightly crusty yet light bun rounds off the experience nicely. While the chips are clearly a catering style pre-made affair, they are at least crunchier than most that you will find and they are generous with the portions.


Not bad, Prezzo; not bad at all. A different spin on an interpretation of burger with the Italian-style extras and above-average burger. It's also very filling and good value for only a tenner, although the beers at Prezzo are prohibitively expensive.



Where can I find them?
Lots of restaurants across London and the UK