Friday, 16 August 2013

Meat Mission / Hoxton

Who are they?

Meat Mission is the little oasis of burgers and meat in the trendy Hoxton area of East London. Anyone familiar with the superb Meat Liquor round the back of Debenhams on Oxford Street should already be familiar with the sort of fare served there, given that this is another outlet from the same owners, however there are some nice differences at the Meat Mission that warrant a better look.

PS: Before I go on, I jokingly said to my friends that I could write the shortest review ever along the lines of "see my Meat Liquor review hurr hurr", thought this wouldn't be fair on Meat Mission and wouldn't justify a review anyway.


Nestled in the quiet backstreets of Old Street and round the corner from Hoxton Square, you you are rewarded in a way by the food on offer by discovering this place. That's not to say that it is not as popular as its sister restaurants; whilst a little larger than its West End restaurant, it was still packed with people by 7pm on a Thursday night.

Whilst the name of the place is a reference to the origins of the location as a missionary house for the poor, thankfully small portions are nowhere to be seen. In fact, you could be forgiven for thinking it was for an eating challenge based on the portion sizes that encourage sharing and group eating.

Not content to rest on their laurels, Meat Mission also includes some extra options and sides that other of its outlets do not, such as the splendid Monkey Fingers. Imagine, if you will, a chicken wing with crispy outside coated in a well balanced hot sauce. Then imagine that each one of these little chicken delights comes with zero bones. This leads for a very tasty alternative to chicken wings (though these are still excellent) and are perfect for no-nonsense nomming. These are joined by the excellent Currywurst; a huge cooked sausage chopped into perfect bite sized slices and complete with cocktail sticks on top of a generous dollup of fries. Again, a perfect side for sharing, the signature spicy currywurst tomato sauce is very authentic to the original German recipe and the flavour is a welcome diversion from the normal tomato or hot sauces there for dipping your fries, other sides or even the burger into.

Oh yes, the burger - how could I forget? I could go on about how amazing the Dead Hippie Burger is, how it is delicious it is, that the double beef pattie is perfect to trounce any kind of hunger and how the dead hippie sauce is worth going for alone, but I won't. Oh wait, I just did. Either way, I would definitely recommend taking a look at the review of Meat Liquor as well to get a better idea of what else is on offer. It's reassuring to hear that nothing is lost in the transition from 'Liquor to the 'Mission.


More of the same and then better, is the watchword here. Well worth a meaty pilgrimage to this restaurant!



Where can I find them?
A short walk from Old Street tube station (Northern Line)