Monday, 23 September 2013

Iberia Gastrobar / Javea, Spain

A change in the current schedule, after a long-overdue review from my parents dropped on to my doorstep this morning. Behold, the first international review for Thoroughly Nice Burgers!

Who are they?

Iberia Gastrobar is one of many restaurants dotted around the sleepy seaside town of Javea along the Costa Blanca. Seeking refuge from the traditional tourist traps along the way and taking some guidance from Trip Advisor, this provided a great if unassuming place to eat.


We chanced upon this burger at a tapas bar, under one section of their three part menu which was labelled OX. On first glance at the menu, this looks deceptively similar to most other offerings in the area, however there is a subtle difference here in that the chef trained with Gordon Ramsey at the Intercontinental hotel in London. As such, we opted for the home made Burger with goat’s cheese, Iberian cured Ham & confit of onion, which looks splendid as you can see.

We had agreed to share the burger, ordered as tapas, between two of us and it certainly looked delicious and simply put it was divine. It took my whole attention and not once did I think, "Oh, we should have ordered some chips." (perhaps you should have done? -ed)

The salad leaves decorated the plate, rather than being soggy in the burger, whilst the bun had just the right amount of crispness and warmth. Iberian ham, not too crispy or like shoe leather and lending a bite with the goat's cheese. Whilst I don't normally like onions, the confit on offer here was actually tasty rather than over-caramelised and bitter and was a great accompaniment.

But the star of the show here is the ox meat: top marks for cooking, leaving a splendid taste.


An excellent diversion from the standard fare on offer on beach restaurants and they loved every minute of this burger experience.  



Where can I find them?