Monday, 15 July 2013

Honest Burgers / Soho

Who are they?

Honest Burgers are a specialist burger outlet that are "inspired by Great British produce", according to their website, and are very much a no-nonsense, no messing burger munching experience. After hearing a little about them in conversation and needing somewhere in central London for a burger on a Friday night with Mr Hazeel, it seemed like a great fit for what I was looking for and a perfect chance to see what all the fuss was about.


Honest Burgers in Soho are very much off the beaten track and wedged between a Byron and Burger & Lobster in terms of location. I would say that unless you were looking for them, you're unlikely to find them easily; a green fronted shop that could be mistaken for a fashion boutique down a side street, but this didn't seem to stop people from filling up the place, even at six in the afternoon. We grabbed a table outside in the sun and enjoyed a Hawaiian craft beer on the waiter's recommendation before getting started with no wait at all, but I can definitely see this place getting busy.

In keeping with the straightforward approach to food, Honest Burgers' menu only has a couple of options depending on your choice of meat (or vegetarian option) and in keeping with recommendations, the Honest burger seemed to be the choice to go for. A toasted bun hosts a solid looking patty on a thin bed of lettuce and is loaded with a melted layer of cheddar, a very well cooked piece of bacon and some caramelized onions on top. This also comes with a portion of chips and served in what can only be described as a burger bowl.

First of all, let's cover the meat itself, which is aged beef from popular butchers Ginger Pig. I am familiar with them as they have a shop in Victoria park near to me and I have tried making burgers with them before, but Honest Burgers do the business here. A medium grade patty that oozes juices and tastes of great, tender beef - this even before you get a bite of the extras! That bacon is done so crispily that it snaps off in a satisfying way, with just enough of the cheddar taste behind it to mix in to the beef. The bun also compliments the burger and whilst my only wish was that there were more onions, I certainly enjoyed every mouthful. 

And what about the chips? These are thin chips of potatoes, fried skin-on and seasoned with rosemary salt. It's a different approach to chips that I am used to and results in a very crispy and flavourful side dish and a joy to eat something quite so simple.

This sort of burger is exactly what you expect from a specialist restaurant; a simple, no-nonsense approach to the dish with plenty of little touches to differentiate itself from the rest. Well worth going back to see what their mexican-inspired Special Burger offering would be like and please note that a double up option on the patty (not on the menu) is available.


An excellent burger and an especially good price - for £8.50 this is an absolute steal. Just don't expect a million different options, sides, desserts or drinks; what Honest Burgers do, they do incredibly well.



Where can I find them?
Three outlets in London: Brixton, Soho and Camden