Friday, 12 July 2013

The Goose / Wood Green

Who are they?

The Goose is a run-of-the-mill pub located in North London's leafy Wood Green. Billed on its 
website as a sports bar, you could be forgiven for thinking that you are in a Wetherspoon's 
(incidentally located immediately opposite) by the older clientèle who seem to make it their 
home on a Sunday, however there is plenty of seating to give you some space. So when finding ourselves in town ahead of meeting some friends and feeling a bit peckish, we thought we'd head in and see what the fuss was about with their burger deal.

When thinking about ordering food in bars and pubs, I usually don’t expect much; catering grade reformed meat patties, tasteless bacon, rubbery cheese and over-salted sauces, or at best a microwaveable meal. Wetherspoons have some serious responding to do in terms of building up a reputation in pub food, however I was pleasantly surprised when I received this on my plate.

The burger is definitely better than the average catering grade burger, with a solo slice of bacon, cheese, lettuce and tomato riding atop (in that order). While probably never seeing the inside of a microwave (thank god), it comes well cooked but not enough to leave it dry and tasteless and the extras are very much needed here to give your taste buds a little extra kick. The bun is of the soft variety and isn't much to comment on, but it does the job of keeping the burger together well and doesn't crumble under pressure.

Looking to the sides, the relish really is the star of the show; a sweet-salty tomato taste that works equally well either in the burger or as a condiment to the fluffy wedged chips; clearly catering grade oven chips but are plentiful, both in number and size.

It's definitely a combined effort to produce a decent enough taste in the burger and it's gratifying to know that it is enough to silence any rumblings of hunger. It's strange to find that a pub actually offers burgers that are cheaper and better quality than your average takeaway restaurant of choice, though certainly don't expect something amazing - as the saying goes, you get what you pay for.


For a low price of £7.50 for two bacon cheeseburgers, two lots of fries and plenty of relish, The Goose scores high for value, despite not trying to be anything more than a meal in a pub. Obviously it's a damn sight better than you would expect pub grub to be, but not really worth travelling to unless you are in the area, hungry and a bit low on funds. 'Nuff said, really!



Where can I find them?
A stone's throw from Wood Green tube station (Picadilly Line) in North London