Monday, 2 November 2015

Lucky Chip / Islington

Who are they?

Lucky Chip are a band of desperate burgerites who after running successful East London burger stands  have taken up residency in pubs and restaurants all over London. Currently available in a pub in upmarket Islington and a in trendy night spot in Dalston, Mr Hazeel and I went northwards to Angel to see what all the fuss was about and to finally try out their wares.


A Thursday night didn't bring any real difficulties with finding a space at the as we made our way to the Old Queen's Head Pub on the Essex Road and were quickly able to make our selection from the menu choices - most of which seem to be a play on actor's names, as you may well see. While my partner in crime decided to go for the special, an Antonio Banderas, I went for an El Chapo burger based on its reputation from a few top 10 reviews that rated it highly, as well as a few fries to accompany the main event - it would be rude not to! 

Not even 10 minutes later our food arrived and coming served in a red plastic basket (which smacks of places like Rotary Diner, RIP), the sesame seeded bun plays host to a decent-sized, well cooked beef patty complete with smoked bacon, blue cheese and roasted jalapenos, with alioli in lieu of a traditional burger sauce to counterbalance any dryness you might endure. No such problem here; the rather juicy El Chapo oozed deliciously out of its breaded interior, with the combined flavour of the smoked bacon and blue cheese being a perfect combination for the meat. Speaking of the meat, perhaps it was the overpowering taste of these other ingredients as I couldn't tell whether the patty was indeed crafted from a decent bit of aged beef or not, but together provides 

Meanwhile, the chips are certainly nothing special nor are they awful either - a decent amount of slightly crispy fries that do well to compliment the El Chapo's origins as an American diner staple. While not crispy as say, Honest Burgers, they certainly weren't limp as Fatburger's were.


A deliciously sloppy burger whose ensemble belies the actual ingredients used and proof that simple things done well can be excellent. Well worth checking out!



Where can I find them?