Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Burgershack / Marylebone

Who are they?

Among the London burger scene, one of the more familiar names is Burgerac, a longstanding blogger whose reviews are the benchmark for decent burgers across the UK. After quite so many burgers, it goes without saying that he ought to know how to put together a decent one himself and his latest enterprise at the Royal Oak pub in Marylebone is the perfect vehicle to show the rest what they should be doing. Armed with a booking and the company of stalwart companion Mr Hazeel, we descended on Burgershack to see the fruits of his labour.


As October and colder weather draws in, neither the dropping temperatures nor Stoptober campaigns have done little to diminish inner city London pub crowds. Royal Oak is a charming and busy pub off of the main street and if the number of reserved tables is anything to go by, a popular one too. Reservation ahead of time secures you a table in the quieter upstairs restaurant area, providing a more relaxed dining experience to enjoy a pricey beer and make your selections.

Despite a busy menu with a variety of options of mains, the Burgershack is the only sensible choice; a 6oz beef burger complete with strong cheese, barbecue smoked bacon, chipotle sauce and iceberg lettuce ensconced in a brioche bun. In reality, this is the textbook construction of a good burger: a medium rare patty that strikes a good balance between sloppy and dry, with a sweet taste that is reminiscent of Meat Liquor and offset well by the taste of the cheese and crispy bacon.

The sides also warrant a closer look at well; we opted for fries with and without blue cheese, Amazeballs (delicious pulled pork deep fried and ensconced into a ball) and deep fried gherkins. The Amazeballs are the highlight here, as the fries are your standard thin fare that you can find anywhere, with a smattering of cheese and Franks Hot Sauce making the difference between the two, while the deep fried gherkins are a good amuse bouche while you are waiting for the event but seemed to suffer an identity crisis as they arrived neither crispy nor soggy - I prefer crispy as befits something deep fried.


Burger Shack is evidence enough that given enough time and tasty hamburgers that the accrued experience will give you the knowledge needed to make an above average burger all of your own.


9 / 10

Where can I find them?