Friday, 3 June 2016

Cheeky Burger / Liverpool Street

Who are they?

Cheeky Burger are a London-based roving burger van, bringing meaty goodness with a smile across a number of markets. Having come across them and their cheery burgerettes as part of the monthly Devonshire square market, a cheeky burger for lunch seemed like a good idea!


A cheeky bacon burger comprises of a nice slab of premium beef mince, freshly cooked with a significant slab of cheddar and well cooked bacon along with a strong tomato sauce and caramelised onions. Pile this into a toasted burger bun with the satisfyingly optional salad and you have a burger with chips as fresh as it can be.

Given that this was a fantastic treat for a midweek lunch, i want to get the negativity out of the way first, which is namely the chips. Sadly these are pretty disappointing (if only a couple of quid), consisting of standard catering grade frozen French fries that go a little soggy once they cool. Best to concentrate on the burger itself and go for the chips if you are overly peckish, is my advice.

As with all food taken from market stalls in the middle of Winter, the issue is eating it before it goes cold but also enduring issues with handling it without spilling contents all over the floor. I can definitely say that if / when I have another I will be sure to ignore the chips so as to leave both hands free to enjoy the main event right on the spot - by the time I got back to my desk the innards were already slightly above lukewarm.


The sides can be all too easily overlooked as the burger is a solid effort from Cheeky Burger. 



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